An almirah is sold at rupees 5225 after allowing discount of 5%. find its marked price

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A and B have a ceratin number of mangoes. A says to B If you give 30 of your mangoes I will have twice as many left with you. B replies, if you give me 10, I will have thrice as many as left with you. How many mangoes does each have ?
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A,B,C are the three angles of triangle ABC. if A-B=25, and B-C=400, find angles A, B, C. also what type of triangle is it?


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In figure a-b=80 and POQ is a straight line,then find a and b
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A regular Pentagon is drawn with all its vertices on a circle of radius 15 cm . calculate the length of the sides of this Pentagon
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What is ASA rule with examples
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Mydkyrkxb.xmhr b bsym
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Question No - 20


In the below figure ABleft | CDleft | EF: : and : : : GHleft | KL. Find angle HKL ?

In this question from lines and angles the solution it was said that:-


Now, alternate angles are equal

angle CHG=angle HGN=60^0

angle HGN=angle KNF=60^0           [ corresponding angles]

Hence, angle KNG=180^{o}-60^{o}=120^{o}

Rightarrow angle GNK=angle AKL=120^0      [ corresponding angles]

angle AKH=angle KHD=25^0           [ alternative angles]

Therefore, angle HKL=angle AKH+angle AKL=25+120=145^0


In the above said solution where did the 60 degree come from?


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Reliable latest lines and angles question 6
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