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Advantage of online education

Education is the prime part of every person. Education light up and uplift to a person from layman to elite. Learners India the best math learning website understanding the value and changing the face.......

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Magic Square

Did you ever heard “Magic Square”? Yes you are familiar with the word magic and square as separately. What about the combination of these words. Literally you all are familiar,but you couldn't rec.......

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Interesting Mathematics

Be in love with mathematics. Learners India the finest math websites for students teaching you, how simple can understand mathematics. Through this blog, students can understand some simple and intere.......

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Trigonometry in Real Life

Trigonometry means Trigonon(Greek)=Triangle, Metron(Greek)=Measurement. So wherever Triangle exist, there will be a Trigonometry. Because Trigonometry means Measurement of the triangle. Read the voyag.......

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Super Cool Trignometry

Do you think why am studying trigonometry? What is the real-life use of Sin, Cos, and Tan? Then you must read this blog. Let us try to understand them. So we can remove our unwanted questions from us........

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Magic Calender

Maths is very tricky at the same time it is more interesting. Today Learners India the best maths blog for high school reveal some interesting seeds from our calendars. Why are we using calendars? To .......

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Exam Tips

An exam is the most important day in every student’s academic life. How can prepare yourself for a better exam? Learners India sharing some important tips for exams days. As per this tips prepare we.......

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Simple Tricks in Mathematics

Make mathematics as more interest and fun. Let us check some simple tricks to tackle Mathematics through the best math learning website Learners India.....

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Vedic Mathematics

Maths is the toughest subject for majority students. So we have lots of math simplifier as digital classes and tuition teachers etc. So students get the high scores. But the real fact, it is like an e.......

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Women Mathematic Scholars

Did we ever think about women Mathematics scholars? Yes we have some intellectual women Mathematics Scholars. From this blog we can understand about them.....

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Decode the Mathematics around us.

Mathematics is like a Horse Riding. We definitely fall down many times. But when we get the strip to hold, we can tackle and ride that horse perfectly. So get ready for an interesting ride on Mathemat.......

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How our ancestors calculated time without the clock?

Nature waiting for you to show their wonders. Let us go back to our magical mother nature to discover wonders and yourself.....

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Enjoy Mathematics

High marks, a seat in the top colleges, best jobs. That is all it takes for students to learn a concept and gear up for the examinations But they fail to understand that education is more than a mere .......

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Practical Education

The purpose of education is felt when it is experimented and experienced. Knowledge bears fruit when it is practically realised. Theory informs, but experience clarifies. When we say an object falls o.......

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