Enhance your school as
Adapting a Blended Type of Teaching
In Campus Teaching OFF Campus Teaching
In future , the schools will have to make their resources available to their students round the clock - either online or offline

Introducing MySchool APP

An all-in-one Solution for instantly upgrading your school to a digitally enhanced one to offer a blended teaching style to suit the future

A state-of-the Art Teaching Management System for your school
Make all your students feel the quality and enjoy the individual attention
Digital Teaching Tools
A set of Technological tools to create a modern teaching scenario
Teach Interactively
Methods to Teach Interactively in Online or in real class
Know your Students Better
Tools to Know your students individually and to support them as required
Make yourself available
Make your presence felt by your students anytime they need you
My School
The Teaching APP

Is a Teaching Management System which carefully interconnects several programmable tools to create a constructive learning environment for each and every student by their own Teachers

Covering All

Whether it is languages, Science or Maths, the teaching contains certain elements which are used by the respective Teachers. My School offers a comprehensive solution to carry out all these elements effectively

Make the school a fully dependable resource centre round the clock
Concept Teaching
Methods to Teach the concepts through visualization
Problem Solving
Make them develop the capacity of doing all exercise questions themselves
Carry out examinations as Multiple choice or Descriptive and make them competitive
Home work Management
Ensure that the home works are done by your students by actually learning it properly
Extend the learning through experiments beyond a lab

Conduct online classes interactively
Try our
Online Teaching

Normal webinar system are NOT designed for a Teaching Scenario. Teaching requires a continuous feedback from every student individually . My School provides an add on to make every conventional webinars to enhance as the effective system for online Teaching

the School

School is a place for a wholistic learning. Encouraging the showcasing of the creativity through a controlled social media within the school can offer a whole lot of opportunity for those to develop talents

Conduct Extra-Curricular Activities
School's Own Instant Message System
Enjoy the convenience of all the features of a modern instant message system within your school by avoiding all the privacy issues of open IM systems
School's Own Media Sharing Platform
Promote extra-curricular activities through a Controlled Social media network within your school and offer a platform for showcasing the talents of your own Students and Teachers in a protected enviornment

School ERP

My School has a whole lot of features which offers convenience for Teachers, Students and Parents for managing all their regular activities

Enjoy the convenience of automation of all regular admin functions
Create Lesson Plans and get approved by Superiors
Mark attendance and send to Parents
Share Timetable and give specific instructions for the period
Create Mark list and send to Parents
Conduct Online Survey with Parents instantly
Fix Appointment with Parents
Manage Leave for Teachers and Students
Get circulars from School instantly
Pay Fees Online
GPS Tracking for school bus
Create and keep a daily records for reference
School Calender

All the functions of the School in one place
Student's Details
Teacher's Details
Parent's Details
Class Details
School Circulars
Fee collection Status
Review Content
Student Performance

The Principal Dash Board is a Realtime view of all activities of the school which gives all the relevant data for the Principal to get a full view of the academic and administrative activities of the whole school

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